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      On the afternoon of November 30, Guangbo group held the 9th fun games, including production logistics, administrative finance, nano company, digital spring news, import and export company and other branches, branches and departments of ten teams participated in the games.

      Fun sports in a lively and happy atmosphere opened the prelude. The game including "legs clip-ball relay", "dressed relay" and kangaroo jump three events. The game is implemented points system, in the three events in the total score of the highest team will win the championship.

      At the scene of the competition, all the contestants are ready to fight for the first place. However, in the first competition item "the double leg clip ball relay", everybody was dumbstruck. The competition requests the contestant to clip the basketball with the double leg, walk from the beginning to the end to carry on the relay, the midway basketball cannot fall to the ground, otherwise must start all over again. It sounds like a hard rule to follow, but it's even harder to do. Sure enough, after the start of the game, some people were caught in the cycle of "starting - dropping the ball - starting again". For a time, many people were about to cry without tears, and some people did it more than ten times. Of course, many ace were opposite its way and line. They didn’t follow the crowd to use bouncing to advance a method, but clip a ball to put to good use “ling bo micro pace” general small break pace, one pace ground walks terminus.

      The second event was the “relay of dressing”, where participants were asked to put on work clothes provided by the organizing committee at the starting point. And ensure that they could only start if they were well dressed and had only one button unbuttoned. To save time, everybody did not use the method of button stripping, but in a simple and crude way instead - - pick up directly. However, there were several "hercules" who fought too hard. However, there were several "hercules" who fought too hard.

       The third event kangaroo jump was still full of fun. The players needed to put themselves into a bag, with kangaroo jump way to reach the end of the relay. It was a much more entertaining event than the previous two, but the sight of the competitors jumping forward with bags still made the courtside crowd laugh.

       In a happy atmosphere, the fun games came to a close. After a fierce competition, in the end, import and export company, nano company and industrial logistics three teams won the top three of the competition. All the participants have won the corresponding prizes.

      For a long time, Guangbo group pays great attention to enriching the entertainment life of the staff. The fun games not only let everyone relax after the intense work, but enhance the team cohesion and inspire everyone's collective sense of honor. The next step, Guangbo will continue to carry out a wide variety of activities, allowing employees to "Be happy in Guangbo".


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