Guangbo participate in the first Yangtze River Delta Expo
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      On November 29, the first Yangtze River Delta international cultural exposition opens in Shanghai Exhibition Center. Guangbo is invited to attend, and bring its brand Kinbor and Fizz debut.

      As the first cultural exposition with world-class metropolitan agglomeration as its theme and main content in China, the exhibition attracted more than 330 literary and creative enterprises from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces and cities, as well as 11 overseas institutions and import and export enterprises.

      At the exhibition site, Guangbo shows the main concept of fashion life and the attitude of fashion. With the most popular elements nowadays, it has presented multiple stationery products to merchants including a series of topics including "Hello Kitty" and "good night story", original design series hand account, popularity cards and cassette tape. These products rely on personalized design and diversity functions. On the first day of the exhibition, many domestic and foreign merchants were attracted to visit. And in depth understanding of Kinbor and Fizz two brands of fashion ideas and design inspiration, many businessmen have highly praised them.

      In recent years, Guangbo has actively promoted transformation and upgrading strategy. The traditional constraints have been broken down in the design and use of stationery. It has combined all kinds of fashion and fashion elements with stationery products. It gives the stationery more vitality and external expression. As a disseminator and professional manufacturer of cultural industry, Guangbo has been committed to providing consumers with quality and refined products, design and development of fashion and creative stationery. It not only can meet the daily work needs of office workers, but bring different experience to the students. Next, Guangbo will continue to focus on innovation and creativity, add more current elements and personalized labels to ordinary office stationery. And strive to achieve the goal of "making work and learning fun" when consumers use Guangbo products.

      It is reported that the Yangtze River Delta Cultural Expo will last 4 days.

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